*SPOILER ALERT! Major spoilers for the first season of The Golden Bachelor below.*

The Golden Bachelor is a revolutionary new franchise in the Bachelor Nation universe and it feels like just about everyone is eager to see what’s in the cards for this silver-haired crew. At 73, Bachelor Gerry Turner is looking for love again after losing his wife, and it’s nearly impossible not to want to know if his quest is successful.

Gerry is introduced during a sweet montage in the premiere episode, and it’s clear that he has a lot going for him. He has two daughters and two granddaughters, and he’s all about being active and spending time outdoors. During that first episode, he also gets to meet the 22 contestants vying for his heart.

Naturally, people want to know everything about the women, all of whom are over 60 years old. In the mix is Leslie Fhima, who has one of the most iconic entrances of all time, complete with a granny costume and a black lacy lingerie ‘fit.

So, who is Leslie Fhima and how far does she get with the Golden Bachelor star Gerry Turner this season? Reality Steve has already helped fans out in the spoilers department, and he has a finger on the pulse of what happens down the road. Here’s what you need to know about Leslie going into the debut season of The Golden Bachelor.

Where is Leslie from?

Leslie is from Minneapolis, Minnesota, according to her Golden Bachelor bio. Gerry is from Indiana which isn’t exactly next door, but they’re not, like, on opposite coasts. And both states are in the midwest, so maybe that’s something these two can bond over during the new season.

Did Leslie actually date Prince?

Apparently, she did! Leslie claims (very casually) during her intro with Gerry that she dated Prince, and that he even wrote a song about her. Her son, Eli, confirmed this info in an interview with the StarTribune.

He said she dated the singer in her teens and early 20s, before breaking up with him to tour with the Ice Follies, a figure skating group.

“Not only did she date Prince,” Eli said, “but she broke up with Prince.”

What does she do for work?

Leslie has been a personal trainer for over two decades, and is also a former professional figure skater. Her bio says that she “is passionate about helping others live their best lives.”

Speaking of which…Leslie has run 10 marathons (not a typo) and is “looking for her running buddy for life.” Are you ready, Gerry? This woman means business!

Leslie also owns a bar company for dogs called PowerBark, which she launched about 14 years ago. “As a personal trainer, I’d often take my dog Sadie with me all day. She would miss her meals until we got home later,” Leslie wrote on LinkedIn. “I was eating a protein bar one day when I thought ‘why can’t there be something like this for dogs!’​ I decided to forge ahead and develop PowerBark.”

Plus, when she’s not working (or working out), it looks like Leslie is super into dancing. She posts a lot of professional-looking dance photos on her Instagram. Case in point:

So, if you were keeping track, Leslie is a fitness guru, a professional athlete, and an entrepreneur. I’m not sure there’s anything she *can’t* do.

Also worth noting: Her ex-husband, David Fhima, was a big name in the food industry, and her son, Eli, has now taken over as director of operations for his dad’s restaurants.

How old is Leslie?

Leslie is 64 years old, making her nearly a decade younger than Gerry.

Does Leslie have any children?

Yes! Leslie has three adult children, per her bio. She’s also a “glama” to three grandkids and, it’s worth noting, she has a fur baby—a mini Aussiedoodle named Billie. It should come as no surprise that Leslie is into things like family 5ks, and other fun athletic endeavors.

“We swim together in the summer, we have dance parties,” Leslie told the StarTribune in 2020. Sign me up for Grandma Leslie Day Camp!

In fact, her kids also played a role in her Golden Bach application. Eli told the StarTribune that he and his mom used to watch The Bachelor together when he was in middle school, so when the casting call went out for the older version of the show, she was game!

How far does Leslie get on the Golden Bachelor?

You’re going to keep your eye on this one because, drum roll please… Leslie actually makes it all the way to hometowns, according to Reality Steve (she filmed her date with Gerry on August 21). And apparently, Gerry liked what he saw, because Leslie makes it to the final two, along with fellow contestant Theresa Nist. As of right now, it’s not clear which woman Gerry ultimately chose to spend his life with, but Reality Steve is keeping a close watch on the situation.

“Each woman is meeting Gerry’s family this week in Costa Rica, and that’s where potential overnight dates may happen,” Reality Steve reported. “The final rose ceremony films tomorrow.”

Stay tuned for more details on Leslie’s verdict when Reality Steve figures out what Gerry’s decision is.

Does she have an Instagram?

Surprisingly, yes! While several contestants aren’t on Instagram, Leslie does have an account, and it’s public. Her pics largely feature Leslie doing outdoorsy things with friends and family.

Evidence A:

Evidence B:

Oh, and grandkids are in the mix, too:

For what it’s worth, this contestant is all up on her social media, because she also has a LinkedIn and a Facebook account. I guess that decade of difference in age really did make all the difference.

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For more details on Leslie, you can catch her arrival on the newest (and first!) season of the Golden Bachelor, which drops new episodes every Thursday on ABC.

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