Home Dental Care Newly launched probiotic toothpaste targets oral microbiome health

Newly launched probiotic toothpaste targets oral microbiome health

Newly launched probiotic toothpaste targets oral microbiome health

Dietary supplement and functional food company Designs for Health, Inc. has launched PerioBiotic Silver. This fluoride-free probiotic toothpaste promises to be a disruptor in the oral health care space. The product, which supports a balanced oral microbiome, contains a unique ingredient formulation, including purified silver, CoQ10, and grape seed extract to support overall dental and oral health and wellness.

To learn more about PerioBiotic Silver, including the background behind the product’s formulation process, challenges to the formulation and their solutions, and how the efficacy of the product is determined, CosmeticsDesign interviewed Michael Jurgelewicz, DC, DACBN, DCBCN, CNS, Director, Product Development, Research & Clinical Support at Designs for Health for his insights.

CDU: Can you share some background information about the company and your experience in the beauty/personal care product industry?

Michael Jurgelewicz (MJ): Designs for Health began as a small clinical and educational services company in 1989 with deep roots in nutrition and natural medicine and big ambitions to revolutionize the dietary supplement industry. More than 30 years later, the company is pioneering new approaches to nutritional science and transforming healthcare.

Designs for Health is leading the charge in the natural and integrative medicine movement with a diverse portfolio of more than 300 nutritional products. Designs for Health has offered several products over the years in the personal care and beauty product care industry with plans to expand further into this category over the next year.

CDU: Can you explain the process behind the conceptualization, development, testing, and launch process for the new product?

MJ: There are several factors to consider when creating a toothpaste including the functionality of ingredients and their percentage, stability, color, and flavor. Designs for Health offers PerioBiotic Silver toothpaste in both lemon and spearmint.