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What To Remember Before ‘Loki’ Season 2

What To Remember Before ‘Loki’ Season 2

FOR THE VERY first time, a Marvel Cinematic Universe show now has a second season. Not speculation, not rumors, not theories—a real second season. After more than two years away (and with 17 MCU movies/shows coming in that time since), Loki is finally back for more time-traveling, universe-hopping fun.

But with all that time—and all those Marvel projects—comes a lot to store in our noggins. I can barely remember what happened in the credits scene I watched a couple months ago letalone the character happenings of a show that aired two years ago. I remember that Loki was great fun and quite exciting, and you probably remember the same. But do you remember what happened? Do you remember who the characters are?

You very well might. But on the off chance you don’t we’re here to just give you the tiniest of recaps to remember where things stand and where things are headed. What we aren’t including in this story is information about new characters to the show, such as the TVA agent played by reigning Best Supporting Actor Oscar winner Ke Huy Quan (for Everything Everywhere All At Once), for the simple purpose of… we don’t know! Watch the show, and you’ll surely find out all about him. We also aren’t including the wonderful cartoon Miss Minutes on this list, because, well, she’s more of an AI simulation of a character than an actual being with agency (though she’s still fantastic and Tara Strong does fantastic voice work as always).

So, without further ado, here’s a quick refresher on the main characters of Loki—and what you may need to recall.


loki episode 4 credits scene

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The first important thing to remember about Loki in Lokithis Loki, if you will—is that he didn’t actually live any of the events that took place after The Avengers (2012). He got to the TVA because he stole the Tesseract and teleported away when Tony Stark and the Avengers attempted their great time heist during the events of Avengers: Endgame.

Still, while Loki didn’t live the events of, say, Thor: The Dark World or Thor: Ragnarok, he still saw how things played out (in that timeline) thanks to a film of his life that he was shown early on at the TVA by Mobius. M. Mobius.

Over the course of Loki, he comes a long way, eventually turning into far more of an anti-hero or even just straight-up hero (while also forming quite the bromance with Mobius in the meantime). He also finds a kinship (that, at times, is romantic in nature) with Sylvie, who is, in fact, a variant of himself. It makes sense that Loki would be in love with himself, does it not?

By the end of the series, Loki and Sylvie, seeking the truth about the TVA, are pruned, where they eventually are sent to a far off land where they meet He Who Remains, who turns out to be the person really in charge of the TVA (they had previously had some android “Timekeepers” masquerading as the powers that be). When Sylvie kills He Who Remains, a multiversal war is triggered, and Loki is transported back to the TVA, where he tells a worried Mobius that someone very, very bad (Kang) is coming. Mobius, however, has no idea who Loki is or what he’s talking about—he’s landed in another timeline.


loki episode 4 vampires

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Mobius, meanwhile, is a long-devoted TVA agent who used to be loyal to a T, but since meeting Loki, doesn’t mind bending the rules a little bit. He loves Jet Skis, and by the end of Season 1, has come around to a real friendship with Loki (and was using him at a certain point as something of a crime consultant, considering he was hunting down a Loki variant that turned out to be Sylvie). But perhaps the most important realization about Mobius (and about every TVA agent) is that they are actually variants of real people on earth—more on that in just a bit.

The fact that Loki landed in a different timeline, though, means that he’ll have to re-teach Mobius about just how close they got during the events of Season 1. Sad!


loki sylvie jonathan majors

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Sylvie, a female variant of Loki who uses a different name, never had much of a chance. She was taken by the TVA as a child, and since escaped; she’s been hiding out in different timelines near disasters wreaking havoc ever since. Given that the TVA took her life away, you can see why she made the decision to stab He Who Remains, killing him and creating a massive, world-changing multiverse.

After killing He Who Remains, Sylvie pushed Loki through a portal and we don’t know where she ended up after that (though she’s seen working in McDonald’s in the Season 2 trailers for the show).

Ravonna Renslayer

ravonna renslayer

Marvel Studios

A judge at the TVA, Ravonna was a secondary antagonist in the first season due to her rigid loyalty to the TVA (despite the fact that she didn’t really have any idea what was going on). She has a fun back-and-forth with Mobius (though rarely are they actually on the same page), and B-15 proved that she has at least one variant on earth who is a school vice-principal. Once Ravonna figured out the truth about the TVA (that the Timekeepers were androids, etc.) she left to go on her own mission to find free will, which we can only assume will be continued in Season 2. Fun and perhaps important note: in the Marvel Comics, Ravonna is Kang the Conqueror’s on-again, off-again love interest.

Hunter B-15

a person wearing a helmet and holding a gun

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Hunter B-15 has perhaps the most dramatic character arc of any in Loki Season 1, as she begins the series simply as a loyal TVA soldier, and ends it fully embracing an all-out TVA revolution. She knows that there’s a variant of her on earth who loves happy hour cocktails, and so she joins Loki, Mobius, and Sylvie’s side of wanting to kind of re-start this whole thing.

The only problem is that much like with Mobius, Loki ended up in a different timeline. So when he’s explaining to Mobius and B-15 what happened at the end of the Season 1 finale… they have no idea what he’s talking about, and a giant Kang the Conqueror statue has been erected behind them.

He Who Remains/Victor Timely/Kang the Conqueror

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And then we come to the major villain. For this one, we’re going to have to go away from Loki Season 1 just a bit and also take from Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. The final episode of Loki Season 1 was all about the real creator of the TVA: He Who Remains. He Who Remains was a variant of a future warrior named Kang the Conqueror, who had countless variants, all of whom had extreme intelligence and learned how to travel through time and universes. He Who Remains built the TVA as a way to keep them all in check, revealing to Loki and Sylvie that if he died, a multiversal war that would be unable to undo would follow. He also offered them the opportunity to take his place as the leaders of the TVA, maintaining order. They did not take this offer; Sylvie killed him, and chaos ensued.

Quantumania introduced us to the primary Kang the Conqueror, a murderous war lord who can conceivably control time and has endless power. While Scott Lang and company managed to defeat Kang in the Quantum realm (at least for the time being), the film’s post credits scene showed that another Kang variant—one calling himself Victor Timely—was putting on some kind of science presentation, and Loki and Mobius were watching from the crowd. Mobius asked if this was really the guy he was so scared of, and Loki responded resoundingly in the positive.

And so now you’re caught up with Loki, ready to dive right into Season 2. Happy streaming!

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