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Harry Styles And Taylor Russell’s Astrological Compatibility

Harry Styles And Taylor Russell’s Astrological Compatibility

Move over Traylor, there’s another Taylor who’s dating life has caught the attention of Twitter stans—and pretty much everyone else on the internet—and that’s none other than Bones and All actress Taylor Russell.

ICYMI: The breakout star is dating everyone’s favorite pop icon and ex-One Directioner, Harry Styles. Seven months after calling it quits with Olivia Wilde in November 2022, Harry has seemingly moved on with the Escape Room actress. The two were first linked in June after they were spotted together in London, per Cosmopolitan. Then in July, Taylor was seen at Harry’s Vienna concert—part of his nearly two-year-long Love On Tour—seated in the VIP section, might I add, per photos obtained by TMZ. While attending someone’s concert could definitely just be friend vibes, the pair were also spotted strolling around the city the next day, leading to more speculation.

A month after their Before Sunrise-esque adventure (er, friendly hang?), the pair were seen getting quite cozy when Harry accompanied Taylor to the opening night gala of her play (she’s starring in the revival of The Effect in London), per images shared by E! News. Sorry, but the flirty eye contact and body language are not giving just friends. Then, on August 28, the rumored couple were spotted holding hands, seemingly confirming their relationship.

But if you need more proof, the Harry’s House singer is reportedly “head over heels” for the Lost in Space actress. “Things are very serious, and Harry definitely sees a future with Taylor,” an insider told Us Weekly in October. Um, are those wedding bells I hear?

And it’s not just Haylor fans (ahem, as in Taylor Russell not Taylor Swift, even though we’ve got 1989 Taylor’s Version playing on repeat) who are convinced these two are meant to be—just ask the stars. Harry and Taylor have an “interesting compatibility,” says intuitive astrologer Rachel Lang. “There are some definite points of attraction with their synastry. The two likely feel as if they’ve known one another before.” A past life perhaps?

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Curious to know what else astrology has to say about the fate of this ‘ship? Lang analyzed Harry and Taylor’s birth charts to see what their astrological compatibility reveals about their bond. And let’s just say it’s not easy, but things that are worth it rarely are.

Taylor’s Sun and Moon bring out Harry’s emotional side.

Taylor’s Sun is in Cancer (a cardinal water sign), while Harry’s Sun is in Aquarius (a fixed air sign). While water and air don’t have a lot in common in astrology, this is a case in which opposites attract, per Lang.

“Cancer is a water sign that needs emotional connection and intimacy,” explains Lang. And “Harry’s got a lot of air sign energy in his chart, which indicates that he can detach from emotions more easily.” At the same time, Taylor, with her water sign placements, can bring out these more vulnerable qualities in Harry, says Lang.

Are you a Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces? Watch to learn more about what it means to be a water sign:

Moreover, Taylor has her Moon (the luminary that rules one’s emotional world) in intense, passionate Scorpio, meaning she craves deep conversations and a ride-or-die bond, per Lang. Meanwhile, Harry’s Moon is in Libra. This is another water and air sign pairing, but given that Libra is all about romance, this combo may be able to fulfill their emotional needs, says Lang. Especially with Harry’s Mars (the planet of action and drive) and Venus (the planet of romance and love) in Aquarius, “he can give her the commitment she wants,” Lang adds.

It also doesn’t hurt that their sexual attraction to one another is out of this world. Taylor’s Mars in Gemini is in a favorable trine aspect with his Sun and Venus in Aquarius, indicating that she’s incredibly attracted to him, says Lang. Their relationship is likely steamy and has a fated quality.

In other words, this partnership is not totally doomed, as long as they’re both able to give each other the commitment and security they so crave.

But their partnership may be put to the test as a result of their Saturn returns.

Taylor and Harry are both moving through their Saturn returns, explains Lang. ICYDK, a Saturn return is a life-changing cycle in which transiting Saturn arrives back at the same point in the galaxy as where it was when a person was born, per Lang. “Saturn has a roughly 29-year cycle, and everyone hits their Saturn return between ages 28 and 29—before one’s thirtieth birthday.” Read: Saturn is the planet of adulting, and it’s when people often begin to consider if a relationship has long-term potential versus short-term fun, says Lang.

Harry began to move into his Saturn return cycle in February 2023, reaching an exact point on November 3, 2023. Taylor, on the other hand, starts her Saturn return in March 2024, Lang notes. Taylor is on the verge of her transit and if this pair makes it into the new year, her Saturn return will be an important moment in their relationship, says Lang. Why? “Her Venus opposes her Saturn [the planet of rules and responsibilities], making love and relationships some of her big work in this lifetime,” per Lang.

In other words, their relationship will be challenged simply because of this life-changing cycle, says Lang. If they’re able to survive the hurdles that come in the next few months, their bond may just be golden (sorry, couldn’t resist).

This is a homey relationship for this pair, thanks to Pluto.

Pluto is the planet of transformation and rebirth and Harry’s Pluto is conjunct Taylor’s Moon in Scorpio, Lang notes. “This shows that the relationship will bring a lot of healing for both of them, especially with regards to family of origin matters.” Additionally, Harry’s Libra Moon is conjunct Taylor’s IC or Imum Coeli, a marker of her fourth house cusp of home and family, per Lang. Read: “He probably reminds her of family members or brings out her nurturing qualities.” This relationship likely feels comfortable for these two—when they’re together, they’re at home.

What’s more? Harry’s Sun and Venus in Aquarius are in Taylor’s seventh house of marriage and partnership, demonstrating that he gives her a sense that “he could be the one,” according to Lang. In other words, “this isn’t just a fling for her.” It’s the real deal.

And if this pair gives off power couple energy, it’s because, well, they are—even the astrology backs it up. “These two are stars in their own right, but together, they’re supernovas!” says Lang. They’re able to bring out the best in one another, both in love and work, thanks to Harry’s Midheaven (the career house cusp) in Leo conjunct Taylor’s Ascendant.

In case you had any doubts about this ‘ship, it seems like it’s smooth sailing for these two as long as they prioritize the important things, like a new album (er, their bond).

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