• Julianne Hough shared an Instagram video of her Halloween costume where she is wearing a bra top and tights, and her abs are super chiseled.
  • The star loves staying active and enjoys dancing, strength training, and doing aerial yoga.
  • When it comes to her diet, she likes starting her day with lemon water, coffee, and green juice.

If there’s one thing Julianne Hough loves, it’s a moment where she can be a little extra. Whether she’s dancing with her co-stars backstage on Broadway or tearing it up in her dressing room, she’s always up to something fun.

So, it’s no surprise that when it came time for Halloween, the 35-year-old dancer showed up and showed out with an abs-bearing witchy costume that she wore on Dancing With The Stars. And Julianne dropped a video on Instagram of her transition into the costume for all her followers to see.

Before she gets dressed, she’s wearing a black bra top with a long-sleeve mesh shirt and underwear with sheer tights. The whole ‘fit puts Julianne’s mega-chiseled abs on full display. Then, the video transitions to her real costume: A black mini-dress and a cape to go with her bright red lips and overall spooky vibes.

“Season of the witch🧹🕸,” Jules captioned the reel:

Naturally, her followers and friends went crazy for the video. “EVERY WEEK YOU KILLL IT WITH THE OUTFITS,” DWTS contestant Lele Pons wrote. Professional dancer Lindsay Arnold commented, “🔥🔥🔥.”

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It’s just a fact: Julianne’s abs are seriously strong. So, if you are wondering what the star does to stay toned, I have the scoop.

For starters, she is always dancing, and has been training in the sport since she was a child. Julianne’s cardio dance workouts, whether on TikTok, or just in the middle of the street, are definitely a great way to get her heart rate up.

She’s so dedicated to dance that she even launched her own dance fitness platform, KINRGY. The platform features 45-minute “high sensory activated dance method” workouts, mixing tai chi, cardio, strength training, qigong, and energy work.

And even though Julianne is busy, she always makes time to move her body. While she’s on the go, she loves doing exercise circuit with ankle weights.

It’s an easy one that anyone can do from their bedroom—it’s just: 10 donkey kicks, 10 fire hydrants with angled kickbacks, 10 angled kickback pulses, 20 hip thrusts, 10 single-leg hip thrusts per side, 10 bicycle crunches, 10 scissor kicks, and 10 straight-leg bicycle crunches.

Lucky for her social media followers, she often shares the deets of her quick at-home workouts on IG, like in this reel:

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Of course, Jules is also a fan of aerial yoga, because, what can’t she do? Here she is totally crushing some moves mid-air:

Regarding her diet, she loves starting her day with lemon water, coffee, and green juice, per Harper’s Bazaar. For lunch, she’s a big fan of soups, but she also likes to eat salad with asparagus, broccolini, beets, watermelon radishes, and spinach. Yum!

I love to see it—keep dancing through life, Jules!


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