To be a successful TV presenter, a megawatt smile is part of the job description – so Cat Deeley was amazed when her dentist told her that her trademark grin was flawed.

And, after some investigation, it turned out that the 47-year-old’s dental issue was caused by a wellness habit she had stuck to for decades – and one very familiar to most of us. She had been starting her day with a cup of hot water and lemon.

She told Women’s Health: ‘I had been drinking hot water and lemon in the morning for about twenty years, first thing, before I had even had a coffee or anything.

‘I had read it was really good for you, it made me feel good, and it made my tummy feel great. But, I went to see my dentist and she was literally like, “what have you done to the enamel on the front of your teeth?” And I was like, “nothing, I don’t even even eat sweets, I am much more of a cheese person”.

‘She asked me to tell her what I typically eat and drink, and if I had fizzy drinks – which I don’t. It turns out that the hot water and lemon had taken all the enamel off the front of my teeth. I had to have composite bonds on them to replace it.’

Last week Cat was revealed as a new temporary presenter on This Morning, taking the reins of the ITV show with Rylan Clark while Josie Gibson competes in I’m A Celeb, but she has another new gig off-screen, too. She is the new ambassador for Ella and Jo, and she was quick to enthuse to WH about some of her favourite products from the Irish skincare brand.

Cat Deeley with some of her favourite Ella & Jo products

Ella & Jo

‘The products all do exactly what they’re supposed to, there’s not too many in the range and it’s very uncomplicated, and most importantly my skin feels great. I also love that some of the products feel kind of luxurious. If I want to give myself a little treat, or I am going out somewhere, I will use The Glow Up enzyme mask and follow it with The Miracle Mask.’

The Glow Up – one of Ella and Jo’s most popular products – is made with a blend of pumpkin, pomegranate, papaya and pineapple enzymes, which work together to accelerate cell renewal for smooth, even skin texture.

‘I love how you can feel it working, but it doesn’t feel as though your face is going to turn into a giant red blister. You’re somewhere in the middle where you can feel it doing what it’s supposed to be doing,’ Cat added.

The Glow Up can be used as a standalone treatment, but following it up with the brand’s Miracle Mask adds an extra level of indulgence, and Cat loves the results. She explained. ‘It kind of plumps everything up and makes my skin juicy and glowing.’

Ella & Jo The Glow Up Enzyme Mask

Ella & Jo The Glow Up Enzyme Mask

Ella & Jo The Glow Up Enzyme Mask

Now 35% Off

Cat particularly rates the masks as the results remind her of a very pricey facial she had from Kate Somerville on Melrose Place during her fifteen years living in Los Angeles. She returned to the UK – with husband Patrick Kielty and their two sons Milo and James – in 2020, and I can’t help but ask if she brought any super-woo wellness habits back with her.

Surprisingly, there are no crystal rituals, Moon bathing or energy healing gurus in Cat’s wellness calendar, just a 25-year dedication to yoga and regular trips to an infrared sauna – and that’s a habit she’s picked up since she came back to London.

‘I started going to the infrared sauna after I had Covid. I was left with aches and pains in my hands, and doctors couldn’t help so I started looking for other things to try and make myself feel a bit better. The symptoms [from Covid] that I had were a bit like MS, achy joints, no strength in my hands, and a weird thing that happened when I looked down – there’s a nerve at the back of your neck – and it almost felt fizzy, electric. I saw that they often treat MS patients with oxygen tanks as it helps with rejuvenation. I found a place locally that has one, and they also have a red light sauna and a cryochamber, and I was like “in for a penny in for a pound!”.’

Ella & Jo Miracle Mask

Ella & Jo Miracle Mask

Ella & Jo Miracle Mask

Now 35% Off

Cat has a multi-tasking mindset when it comes to wellness, and she tries to time her twice-weekly trips with when she’s due for a hair wash. She arrives having applied scalp oil from The Growth Phase, and then gets settled in for some very hot relaxation before a three-minute cryotreatment, which she credits for helping banish aches and pains and improving her quality of sleep.

‘I have to read a magazine,’ she said. ‘So I’ve got my glasses on, at the same time I try and put my legs up the wall. Completely naked. I mean…thank God, no one can see me. And then I sit there for 45 minutes, get incredibly sweaty, have a shower, wash my hair and then jump in the cryo tank.

‘The chamber only goes up to your neck, I don’t go fully in,’ she explained. ‘It’s a bit like a magician’s trick with Debbie McGee coming out.’

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